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Call us on either of these numbers, 031 285 0238 & 031 285 0239 and you will be advised accordingly.

Collaborative law is a new way to resolve disputes by removing the disputed matter from the litigious court room setting and treating the process as a way to “trouble shoot and problem solve” rather than to fight and win.

Each matter we craft and customize our fee agreement to ensure alignment with:

⦁ High Court and Magistrate’s Court Tariffs;

⦁ The work required to be undertaken;

⦁ Our output targets and incentives; and

⦁ The client’s objectives and needs on each matter because we provide bespoke solutions, for our client base.


The C S Zondi Inc brand is expanding. Therefore, increasing our capacity and opening new opportunities for us to do more work and ensuring that the execution thereof is meticulous and without fault

In order to keep the cost of legal services down while maximizing communications, we will strive to keep you informed when anything important happens and to respond to your questions in a reasonable time. In addition, we will inform you when your presence is required, either in our office or in court

Call us on either of these numbers, 031 285 0238 & 031 285 0239 and you will be advised accordingly. Alternatively, we can reached via email at, and by fax at,  086 241 8922.

The law can be understood by many , however the time and skill it takes to execute the knowledge in accordance with all all regulations is just 1 of the reasons you need an attorney.

If you want custody of your child, you would have to approach a court for that. You can either approach the Children’s Court or the High Court. The court would then decide if it is in the child’s best interests.


Once a couple has decided to get divorced, they hope for the process to be finalized, as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances, a divorce can take anything between two months and several years to finalize

In South Africa, if a court grants sole custody to one parent, the parent becomes the guardian to the exclusion of the other. This means that if you have sole custody, you gain the legal right to make custodial decisions that would normally (in a marriage or in joint legal custody) require both parents’ consent.

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